Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Placemats/Coasters Pattern What's Cookin' by Loralie Designs

Today we would like to share with you detailed instructions on how to make placemats. If you are using the same fabric we are, you will end up with 4 placemats and 4 coasters (plus optional 5th coaster). You will find pictures of the finished product below.

Things you will need:

1. One Loralie Designs placemat panel, or any fabric of your choice.
2. Cotton batting, approximately 25X38 inches, preferably black.
3. Fabric of your choice for backing. We suggest using Sophistiplaid Black or White, Silverware Wars, or Beaded Curtain  from Loralie Designs What's Cookin' line.
4. Black fabric for binding. We used six 2.5 inches width of fabric strips.
5. Thread for sewing and quilting.

We will start by using 1 panel of Loralie Designs placemat fabric.

First, cut off the sides. We will use the side with squares for a top of coasters, and the other side for the bottom. You will need to line up each square with the chef's face on the bottom of a coaster to have them match. Line up the chefs, cut out each coaster separately, put them right sides together and put the same shape square of batting on top of that. Sew 1/4 inch seam from the edge, leaving an inch opening. Don't forget to back-tack, so the stitches won't come apart when you turn it right side out. Trim the batting, very close to the stitch, as follows.

Time to turn it inside out. We are using the point of scissors to make sure to get sharp corners. Make sure your scissors are not too sharp, otherwise you will rip the fabric!

Now, that it's turned to the right side we can stitch it on top, to finish off the coaster and to close up the opening. Stitch coasters 1/8th of an inch from the edge all the way around. Now they are done! On this picture top three are face up and the bottom two are face down, so you can see the difference.

Time to work on the placemats! If you are using a quilting machine, DO NOT cut the placemats apart. Just put the placemat fabric on top, fabric of your choice on the bottom and batting in between, quilt. You can also quilt them with your sewing machine, if your machine has a quilting option. In this case (and also in a case of hand quilting), it would be easier if you cut each placemat apart and quilt it that way. Make sure your bottom fabric is at least 1 inch bigger than your top placemat fabric. When the quilting is done, serge and bind! Serging helps to bind your project easier.

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  1. THANKS for this GREAT teaching post.....
    Really enjoyed it and now....I just have to make this set for myself and maybe an extra for a gift....
    Thanks again